Springdale, Arkansas– The IONM School by AMS, a new neuromonitoring training and education program specializing in intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM) education, is proud to announce its official accreditation from ABRET, the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists. The IONM School by AMS is only the eighth ABRET-Recognized Formal IONM School in the US, and the first and only program in Arkansas.  

Didactic coursework, coupled with real-world case studies and immersive clinical training in the hospital operating room, ensures that participants gain a full understanding of the latest advancements, innovative technologies, and best practices in IONM. Graduates of the program will gain knowledge that will propel them to achieve the highest standard of IONM care, as well as board certification in IONM as a CNIM (Certified in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring), which essentially guarantees future employment in the field of IONM.  

The ABRET accreditation serves as a testament to the quality and caliber of The IONM School by AMS, enhancing the professional credibility of graduates. Hospitals can trust that the professionals who have completed the program possess the necessary skills and distinguished credentials to contribute effectively to their institutions.  By enlisting the services of professionals who have graduated from The IONM School by AMS, hospitals can unlock a range of benefits including improved patient outcomes, enhanced surgical safety, and the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies and best practices.   

The IONM school by AMS also does its part in breaking down barriers for people who otherwise would have a challenging time breaking into the IONM field. ABRET created a fourth pathway toward board certification as a CNIM for programs like The IONM School by AMS. The original three pathways require: graduation from a CAAHEP accredited program (of which there is a very limited number of locations), an R.EEG.T or R.EP. T accreditation, or a bachelor’s degree. These can alienate people that have a desire to break into the field of IONM yet lack these specific experiences or accreditations. AMS CEO, Brad Vinson, had this to say regarding the program helping break down barriers within intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring: “In the 17 years since our founding, our Surgical Neurophysiologists have been approached by many care providers such as MAs, CNAs, or CSTs who lacked the formal education to become board certified through one of the pathways ABRET had set forth, but who genuinely cared about patients, exhibited a growth mindset, and would have been tremendous assets to AMS and field of IONM. Through the creation of ABRET’s CNIM Pathway IV, The IONM School by AMS will be able to create new career opportunities for many great people that simply would not have been eligible for a career in IONM otherwise.  Our Mission is to Serve our People so they can Better Serve our Patients, and The IONM School by AMS is an opportunity for us to serve people well, and the result will be unparalleled patient care.”  

 The IONM School by AMS is an embodiment of AMS’ Core Values. AMS’ Chief Operations Officer, Drew Stewart, summarizes this: “The IONM School by AMS is meaningful because it wholistically applies AMS’ Core Values, Core Focus, and Mission Statement into a recognized program that will create additional opportunities to bring the right people into our organization and into the field of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM). We have consistently demonstrated that the success of AMS, and more broadly patient care in our field, is tied to the success and development of individuals. This accreditation by ABRET will now allow The IONM School by AMS to develop students through a comprehensive, ABRET-recognized, IONM training program that is solely designed to serve people, so they can better serve patients. The why behind this project really speaks to me, as creating Core Values for an organization is relatively straightforward, while integrating those values into actions and giving them life, is much more difficult.  Through the development of this program, some of AMS’ Core Values–Invest in Each Other, Deliver WOW, Humbly Serve, and FIOF— are integrated and perpetuated, ensuring the students gain respect for the selflessness and servitude of the work, not just the intellectual study of the field of IONM. Further, The IONM School by AMS reinforces that AMS’ Core Values are not aspirational window dressing, but foundational in who we are as an organization.” 

AMS is thrilled for aspiring surgical neurophysiologists to experience the efficacy and quality of our IONM School. Contact us today to discuss how AMS can elevate your neurodiagnostic capabilities.