We’re proud to announce that AMS has been named one of Arkansas’ best places to work in 2023 by Arkansas Business. This is our second placement on such a list this year, as we were named one of the best places to work in healthcare earlier in 2023 by Modern Healthcare. We’d like to formally thank both of these publications, as it’s a point of pride to create a great work environment where we invest in each other. Our mission is ‘To serve our people so they can better serve our patient.’ This is something that we make a diligent attempt to live up to daily, as we believe that not only does it help enrich the lives of our team here at AMS, but that it can help in our interactions with our partners and patients, allowing us to deliver the highest quality Neurodiagnostic care.  

A heart of service is the foundation upon which AMS is built, and in our 17 years, we’ve made it a point to invest in each other always 

We asked CEO Brad Vinson about how he works to elevate a healthy company culture that promotes positive patient outcomes. “The heart of the AMS company culture is simply SERVICE. It is the belief that we are on this planet to humbly serve others over ourselves. Our Core Value #1 Humbly Serve reflects this foundation. This manifests itself as AMS leadership focusing on serving our team members by investing financially, with our time, with opportunities to develop their skills, and by ensuring they have all the equipment, technology, and training to excel in their roles. As a result, our patients receive better care. Happier, supported, empowered team members provide better care.  The formula is simple and selfless.” 

This sentiment is one of someone who’s been at AMS since its conception, and throughout the years and evolution and broadening of offered services. Every step of the way, Advanced Monitoring Services has tried to make sure that working under the AMS name is a pleasant experience and one that promotes personal growth from everyone on the team.  

AMS’ HR representative and hiring manager, Spencer Rowe, had this to say about the selection process of bringing on individuals who will live out the core values of AMS. “The AMS Mission is to serve our people so they can better serve our patients. We attract individuals that believe in our mission through exhibiting our AMS Core Values and exhaustively evaluate every person according to our Core Values through multiple levels of our organization. When individuals align with our values, we can communicate our vision effectively and our employees align with our mission.” 

Our values live through everything we do. Our interactions with patients, partners, and each other. Because of this, Advanced Monitoring Services is a great place to work.