Order an In-Home EEG

Prerequisites for Ordering: To order an Ambulatory EEG from AMS, you must be located within Arkansas, Southern Missouri, Oklahoma, or Eastern Kansas. 

How to Order: 

1. Download our AEEG Order Form (Linked Below)

2. Print form and fill out necessary information, or fill the form out digitally.

3. Fax us the order form with Patient H&P, our scheduling team will be in touch with you and the patient shortly thereafter. 

FAX NUMBER: (479)-334-2554

Reports: You'll receive a report on your patient's study within five business days, if the report will take longer, someone on the AMS team will reach out to you. Our EEG interpretations are done by an Epileptologist on staff.

Download the form and let's get started!

More about Ambulatory EEG's here.