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Our mission is to serve our people so they can better serve our customers and patients.

At AMS, we are a group of individuals that know as a team we can accomplish more. We are culture-focused and are driven & guided by our Core Values. These Core Values are the foundation of who we are and drive the care we provide patients and the level of service we provide customers.

Jobs at AMS:

Surgical Neurophysiologist


Surgical Neurophysiologists perform Intraoperative Neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM), or Neuromonitoring, assisting surgeons in locating and protecting nerves, the spinal cord, the brain, and other nervous structures during surgical procedures.

Clinical Neurophysiologist/ EEG Technologist


Electroencephalography (EEG) Technologists apply electrodes to a patient's scalp, connected to an EEG machine by wires. They observe, measure, mark, and record the electrical activity and brain wave patterns. Clinical Neuromonitoring studies are non-surgical brain & nerve monitoring tests, ordered by a doctor and performed by a trained technologist, to collect data for the diagnosis and treatment of a neurological condition.